Ad hoc Committees

The following committees serve as ad hoc committees

Reports Committee
Tony Miller, chair
Poplar Bluff Municipal Library
Committee’s Purpose:
* To design report templates to meet the needs of the consortium.
* To provide training and information regarding reports to member libraries.

Onboarding Committee
Lee Ann Santee, chair
Barry-Lawrence Regional Library
Committee’s Purpose:
* To create processes to improve the migration progress to Missouri Evergreen.
* To work with new libraries pre-migration to prepare them for active membership and resource sharing.

Reciprocal Borrowing Taskforce
Jeff Trinkle, chair
Riverside Regional Library
Committee’s Purpose:
* To revise the consortium’s previous reciprocal borrowing agreement.
* To explore ways to improve resource sharing and patron convenience of use between ME libraries.

Shared Policies Taskforce
Chair TBD
Committee’s Purpose:
* To set a standard set of initial settings for new libraries joining Missouri Evergreen.
* To explore ways in which ME libraries can have share policies at the consortium level.