Q: Who should I contact if I have a question about a specific library, their items, or their patrons?

A: Check out the contact list.

Q: How do I place and fill a reserve for an item that I have in my hand?

A: Scan the barcode into the Item Status field. Use the Actions for Selected Items tab to select Request Item. Enter the patron’s barcode number in the highlighted field at the top of the page. Click on Make Request. The item in your hand is now on reserve for your patron. Check the item in to capture the hold.

Q: How do I set an item status as Missing Pieces?

A: This can only be done from the Check-In screen. Us the Actions for Selected Items tab to select Mark Item as Missing Pieces.

Q: OK. I set the status as Missing Pieces. What now?

A: The Item Status is now Damaged but no one has been charged for it. It will show in the patron’s Items Out screen. When the missing piece is returned, check the item in to clear it from the patron’s record.

Q: What is the name for the little icon used to select the items shown in a list.

A: The icon is called the Column Picker.