Best Practices:

MEC Circulation Procedure Manual (Word) — revised June 6, 2024
MEC Circulation Procedure Manual (PDF) — revised June 6, 2024

Missouri Evergreen Circulation Policy (revisions adopted June 6, 2024)

Deleting Expired Patron Accounts
This process should be undertaken yearly by member libraries, and a system-wide purge will be performed by Equinox in January of each year.

Finding Shelf-Expired Holds that Are on Another Library’s Hold Shelf

How to spot a fake/bootleg DVD
Purchasing and circulating fake or bootleg DVDs is illegal. Learn how to spot a fake DVD before it reaches your collection.

Removing Patron Information from Transit Slips
Instructions and HTML files for updating receipt templates for transit slips.

Damaged Items Best Practices

Materials Handling
Procedures for preparing materials for transit between libraries and handling materials loaned to your library’s patrons. (Revised April 12, 2024)

Accounting for Lost and Damaged Items
These instructions explain changing an item’s status to Lost or Damaged and following through with other consortium member libraries when the damage involves more than one library. (Revised November 2020)

Checking the Transit List
Instructions for checking the Transit List, which should be checked weekly to keep on top of items that have gone missing in the courier or have been shelved without being checked in.

Hopeless Holds
Instructions for handling items where the hold cannot be filled.

Our Patron Damaged an Item Belonging to a Different Library
This form provides a step-by-step process to follow when a local patron damages an item belonging to another Missouri Evergreen library. (Added November 2020)

A Patron From Another Library Damaged Our Items
This form provides a step-by-step process to follow when a patron from another Missouri Evergreen library damages an item belonging to your library. (Added November 2020)

Library Billing Template (RTF/Word document) (revisions adopted August 13, 2020)
This template is an easy way to generate billing to another library for the replacement of a lost or damaged item.

Canceling Transits
It is sometimes desirable to cancel a transit. A transit should never be canceled without a follow-up action. Without a follow-up action, the item’s status will be Canceled Transit and its whereabouts will be unknown. (revised November 2020)

Borrowing Reference Materials through Missouri Evergreen
Please follow these procedures when loaning and borrowing reference
materials when another library is willing to loan in-building use only materials.

Borrowing Book Club Kits
Instructions for how to locate and borrow book club kits from other ME libraries.


Saving Circulation History in Patron Accounts

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Useful Links

Reciprocal Borrowing Agreement (Libraries who are members of the Missouri Evergreen Consortium’s reciprocal borrowing agreement have agreed to allow walk-in patrons from any Missouri Evergreen library to check out materials free of charge. Patrons may use their home library card to check out materials.)
Evergreen Item Condition Report (PDF; prints 4 per page)